@mile - A supply chain solution for small and mid sized organizations

WHAT IS @Mile?

@mile is your Supply Chain solution on budget. Manage the deliveries, sales, invoices and orders in real-time. No more calculation errors, invoice problems and dissatisfied customers. Take your business with you, where ever you go- our cloud based solution is carefully designed to work on mobile phones, tablets and PCs. All you would need is an internet connection and you are sorted.

Data Control
Data Accuracy
Data Calculations

@mile gives you control over your sales, helping you optimize your sales processes and capture more market share through intelligent insights.

Collect the exact amount of VAT from your customers, no more worrying about over paid or under paid VAT amounts.

No need to waste time with manual sales data entry very single day. Daily sales data is synced in real time, saving you data entry time and errors.

No need to make hand written invoices and lose important customers. Lastmile enables you to print invoices in the field.

Multiple data entry points and manual record keeping is prone to data leakages and erroneous records. With mLite your data is completely accurate.


.customer database

Maintain complete customer database

.sales fleet tracking

Track your sales fleet in one glimpse

.pre and spot selling

Make Pre-Orders without any extra data entry with one click

.automatic dispatch

Create orders on the spot, with simple clicks.

.journey plan

Get an organized journey plan for easy route planing

.invoice generation

The system automatically generates invoices, no need for entering amounts.

.invoice printing

Print the invoice in the field.


Complete Day End calculations and settlement report for the day